The Wolf Mirror


Young Adult Novel Published by Fire and Ice

Changing places doesn’t always help you see things differently.


Cassie throws the first punch in a brawl at Winchester Abbey Girl’s School. Her subsequent suspension is a glitch in Cassie’s master plan; Finish School/Get Job/Leave Home (and never come back). As punishment her mother banishes her to Ludlow Park, their creepy ancestral home. In the dark of a stormy night Cassie finds herself transported to 1714, the beginning of the Georgian period.


With the help of a lady’s maid and an obnoxious gentleman, Mr Charles Stafford, Cassie must unravel the mysterious illness afflicting Lord Miller. If Lord Miller kicks the bucket the house goes to Reginald Huxley, the brainless cousin from London.


Meanwhile, Lady Cassandra Miller frantically searches for her smelling salts. Tell-a-vision, the In-her-net, horseless carriages and women wearing pantaloons; Cassandra is afraid that she might have inhaled fowl air causing her to temporarily lose her senses.


Only when both girls can get over their pride, societal prejudices and self-importance will they be able to return to their rightful century. Until then, they are free to wreak maximum damage on their respective centuries.

Book coming soon in print and digital. 

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Blood Entwines 


Young Adult Novel published by Bloomsbury Publishing. 

Seventeen year old Kara Bailey receives a blood transfusion as part of a lifesaving operation. When she wakes, she finds that she has unusually advanced senses. 


Returning to school after her accident, Kara unknowingly befriends Hannah Quinn, thus committing herself to social exclusion through association. In an effort to damage control the situation, she agrees to date Ben Shephard, her secret crush. But the arrival of a dark stranger, Jack, distracts her, as simultaneously, her powers heighten.


Jack declares ominously that Kara has something that belongs to him. She tries her best to avoid the stranger but confrontations arise and soon Kara realises that they are inextricably linked through the blood that they share.


There is no escape from the future that lies ahead.  


You can purchase Blood Entwines here or on Amazon


Water Island 

                    A hauntingly beautiful story of forbidden love. 

Compelling historical drama, set in 1952 on Sheer Island, off the west coast of Ireland.

It is summertime and the Woodford family have come to lay claim to their contested inheritance. Seventeen year old Clarissa Woodford obediently accompanies her parents, harbouring secret desires of her own.

Alone, Clarissa walks to the beach near her new homestead, rolls her skirt up and wades
into the ocean, an act of impropriety, as the water soaks her to the waist. She is seen by a local farmer and advances on a journey of self discovery and subsequent loss of innocence.

Several years later she returns to Sheer Island, a changed person, searching for the threads of her life that might bind her to the present. In the place where it all began, can she negotiate between what is right and what is best, without
her past claiming her, once and for all?


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Which Craft? 

                    Choose your craft before it chooses you. 

Thirty one year old textile artist JOCELYN QUINN, daughter of an accomplished witch, wants nothing to do with the craft.


Her perfectionist sister, ELOISE, feels the same way about their family dynasty. The only difference is that Jocelyn has innate talent, Eloise none.


Jocelyn is determined to uphold her end of the bargain, to never use magic but circumstances conspire to push her promise to the brink. Will Jocelyn break her word, or will the craft break her?


Available soon on Amazon

A Stitch in Time 

                    Short Story Collection published by Doire Press. 

Gripping short story collection filled with the weird and wonderful. Be prepared to feel unnerved by the latest offering from writer Caroline Healy. 


 Now Available on Amazon