Leonard Moonfinger and the Giant's Ring


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Leonard Moonfinger_ebook_cover_final.jpg

Leonard ‘Le Nerd’ and his reluctant friend Ryan find
themselves sucked back in time to the Iron Age.
Snakebeard, Clan Dal Arda’s oracle, declares that the
two boys are key players in the Prophesy of Cailleach;
an age old witch who has been terrorising the land,
forcing people to bow to her will.

Unless Leonard and Ryan can unravel the identity of
Cailleach and her ‘sleepers’ in the court of Ri Tiernach,
they will be stuck in the Iron Age forever.

The ancient tournament of warriors is a ruthless battle
of rivals, where it takes more than brawn to win. Unlikely
allies, secret usurpers and magical mayhem follow the
time travellers as they battle to beat Cailleach, and
return to the comforts of their own time.


Book Available on Amazon